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If you are a creative, the first step in increasing your exposure is to register with the site from HERE.

Then, create a profile  – tell the world who you are and what you do. A basic profile is free of charge. To make more of an impact a premium profile offers additional content and functionality.

Once you have created a profile you can list your events using our simple event page – no technical skills required! Again, to gain greater exposure you can choose a premium listing.

Read detailed instructions and watch our How To videos HERE in the Help section to see how to use the directory and publish listings.



There is no need to register to browse and search Culture in Kent.


Looking for something specific or just trying to find out what cultural events are on near you? Use our comprehensive search tool to narrow down your options.  Search by type of cultural event. Search by location, by genre or by date. Whatever you are looking for to scratch your cultural itch this is the quickest way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

All Profiles 

Kent is gifted with a huge community of creatives from fine artists, sculptors, photographers, actors, dancers and musicians. Find out more about the people at the heart of Culture in Kent. Follow your favourite creatives or discover new ones.

Looking for a creative for a project? Browse the directory and discover your next creative partner.

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Here we list all cultural events in our database. If you know you’re looking for something but don’t know exactly what then this is the place to start!

Scroll through our extensive list of events and see what takes you fancy. You’re bound to find something to scratch your culture itch.

Event Calendar 

If you’re looking for something cultural to experience on specific days or at specific times here the place to start. See everything that Culture in Kent has to offer by day and month.