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I had trouble with the address as we don't have a specific address.

You will need to put at least a town in the adress field.

I was just trying to replace the image logo in our profile but it wouldn’t let me edit it.

That is likely to be because the free profile only allows one image to be published. You need to delete it before uploading a new one.

I want a specific picture to be shown as the main picture. How do I do that?

There are 2 areas for the images: one is for the logo/portrait/main picture that appears on the profile page.

The other area is the gallery where you can post several images. You can move the pics by dragging them around. The one you place in first position is the one that appears on the results pages.

I work from home and am not 'open' to the public, so I would rather not my home pinpointed on the map, although people need to know where I am based. What can I do?

You can add your town only on your profile, without the specific address.

What is the optimum format for the images so that I can make them look their best?

The logo images are resized automatically so they are the same size accross the platform.

In all image areas, the recommended ratio is 3:2 (1080 x 720 pixels).

How to turn off autofill drop down menu in search on Chrome?

The drop down menu automatically appearing when filling in an address can be annaying as it prevents you from seeing the options offerede by Google Map.

Go to Settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right of your browser window .

Select Autofill / Addresses and more.

Remove the pre-registered addresses

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